It's Prime Time for Ohio to Embrace Better Wind Energy Policies: NRDC

Doesn’t it make sense to embrace the renewable energy you have instead of hinder it? That’s exactly what Henry Henderson, Director of the Midwest Program NRDC, addressed in a recent blog post.

“Despite being a national leader in creating wind-related manufacturing products like turbines and blades, Ohio created a law that essentially makes putting these products to use on a commercial scale unfeasible in the state,” Henderson wrote.

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Henderson is referring to Ohio’s setback law that passed in 2014, which tripled the wind turbine property setback requirements, effectively ending any further wind farm development.

In addition to providing Ohio-made renewable energy, wind farms bring tax revenue to the local counties and towns where they are situated. The Lincolnview School District in Van Wert County has received $400,000 from previous wind projects, and a proposed new wind project would have contributed an additional $600,000. Due to the setback law, that project has been stopped.

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