Ohio Voters Love Wind and Solar

According to a survey conducted by the Sierra Club, two-thirds of Ohio voters are in favor of a plan that would cut overall carbon dioxide emissions. The survey covered voters in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Virginia and Maine. 

"This data clearly show[s] that majorities in these states support the EPA's Clean Power Plan," said Grace McRae, the Sierra Club's polling and research director.

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The survey had other notable findings, including that a majority of voters trust the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over members of Congress on setting limits on water and air pollution. 

Another survey finding was that voters would more likely favor a U.S. Senate candidate who is in favor of the Clean Power Plan. 

Samantha Allen, a spokeswoman for the Sierra Club in Ohio, said, "The survey also shows that a majority of Ohioans are ready to do something about climate change. The state's elected officials are not hearing what the public wants."


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