NRDC: The State of Clean Energy in Ohio: Thaw the Freeze, Create Well-Paying Jobs, and Other "No Regrets" Strategies

Two years ago this April, Ohio enforced a freeze on clean energy standards and also put into place a setback law that blocked all wind energy coming into the state. Legislation hasn't been in renewable energy's favor, nor in Ohio's favor, especially since a few more anti-renewable laws were passed this year. 

Shall we look at the benefits of renewable energy for Ohio once more? In addition to saving Ohio consumers millions, the renewable industry has a great job base in Ohio, providing 100,000 jobs (article here). By unfreezing the clean energy standards, Ohio can send a message to pro-renewable companies, such as Google and Facebook, that the state is going to address the Clean Power Plan and draw in more businesses.


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The cost of wind and solar has declined by more than 60% in the past few years. The Ohio Public Utilities Commission—the entity responsible for ensuring affordable energy rates—found that meeting Ohio's renewable energy standard is cheaper than previously thought. With all the benefits renewable energy provides, we're left with one question: What's the holdup, Ohio?

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