Huffington Post: U.S. Wind Power Puts Americans Back to Work

The booming U.S. wind industry is helping in more ways than one: along with producing clean, renewable energy, it's putting our country back to work. Not everyone has recovered from the 2008 recession, and finding jobs is still difficult for many Americans. But an increasing number of people are finding work in the wind industry, specifically in wind turbine manufacturing facilities.

Chris Johnson of Colorado was working at a newsprint factory until his job was outsourced. He then started working as a line worker at the Vestas wind turbine blade factory in Brighton. He is now the managing supervisor of the Brighton plant.

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Another success story comes from Eric Reichert. Reichert was a carpenter who had to close his shop a few years ago because business was too slow. He is now working at another Vestas manufacturing facility making wind turbine housings. Reichert said this of the people he works with: "We've got employees from all over, many different skill sets. We've got guys who used to work on airplanes, oil workers, all kinds of pretty hands-on guys. We've got lots of veterans as well."

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