Columbus Dispatch: Ohio Better Catch Up in Push for Clean Energy

In his State of the Union address last Wednesday, President Obama asked, "Why would we want to pass up the chance for American businesses to produce and sell the energy of the future?" Good question—why would we?

David Carpenter of Delaware reflects on this in his recent letter to the editor of the Ohio paper the Columbus Dispatch. He refers to the recent climate talks in Paris and the extension of the federal tax credits for solar and wind and how they will lead to a new, renewable energy economy in which America is a front-runner. 


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Carpenter points out that, "[s]tates that provide favorable business environments for wind and solar will be the biggest winners."

In order for Ohio to come out as one of those winners, Carpenter says, the Ohio General Assembly and Governor Kasich need to unfreeze and strengthen the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standards. 

Thank you, David Carpenter, for supporting Ohio's renewable energy sources!

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