CSPAN: Governor Kasich Supports Clean Energy

On Tuesday, Governor John Kasich was at a campaign town hall in Goffstown, New Hampshire, when he was asked, "As governor, what did you do to bring clean energy jobs to Ohio, and what will you do as president to bring them to America?" 

Governor Kasich replied with, "First of all, I think there's another place we ought to locate these wind turbines. I've been thinking about this plan and want to know if we could get a vote for this, I think we should locate wind turbines outside of every single state house in America." The crowd responded with applause and laughter. 

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Switching to a more serious tone, Kasich went on to discuss the issue in Ohio with the legislature and the current situation in Ohio, where the efficiency and renewable energy standards have been frozen by the legislature. He declared, "It's not acceptable. We need to drive efficiency in this country, and we should have been doing it literally forty years ago."

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